Rising Wolf Fitness


My rates vary depending on the type and length of training package.  I will sell single sessions, however, package rates will save you a little in the long run. The bigger the package, the bigger the savings. I will give a discount for small groups ( no group larger than 4 people ). If you have your own equipment, I will train you in the convenience of your own home ( add 30% due to liability ).

My rates to gym members (where I train) are as follows:

The initial consultation is FREE!

Train more and save

One session per wk……….$35

Two sessions per wk……….$60

Three sessions per wk……….$75

Group Rates ( min of 2- max of 4 people)

One session per wk……$65 / 2 people;$100 / 3 people; $130 / 4 people

Two sessions per wk….$110 / 2 people; $150 / 3 people; $180 / 4 people

Three sessions per wk….$140 / 2 people; $195 / 3 people; $240 / 4 people

  For specific details, simply click on "Contact Me" and shoot me a message or you can give me a call ( or text if you prefer) at (615) 766-0205.